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The Labkit® Near Patient Diagnostics service has been developed for use outside of the acute hospital setting to deliver high quality results, aid diagnosis and impact positively on patient management in the primary care setting. Results can be captured electronically and quality can be managed from a central point enabling CQC, MHRA and ISO standard compliance.

Who we are

The Labkit® Near Patient Diagnostics bag was developed through a collaboration between Surrey Pathology Services (a joint venture involving Ashford and St Peter's Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust, and the Royal Surrey County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust), the ambulance service and an independent IT company. We are working together to provide an innovative solution which will support the diagnosis and treatment plans of patients, at the point of their care in the primary care setting, be that the GP surgery, urgent care centre or even in their own homes.


  • Labkit offers an extensive menu of tests which can be customised to your requirement
  • Once opened, the bag offers a wipe clean work surface, LED lights, devices in individual pouches accommodating device specific consumables, modem, controlled documentation (SOPs and wipe clean easy user guides) and handy storage for phlebotomy consumables.
  • The modem uses a roving SIM to access the strongest network signal in order to transmit the encrypted results to the central server situated in the laboratory or supervisor's office
  • Interfaces for onward transmission of results to the EPR are available upon request

Pilot Background

Since 2013, and a request from SECAmb for support with point of care testing, Labkit has undergone several revisions to optimise the design and deliver to the proven requirement.

A Phase 1 trial was carried out to test the proof of concept, alongside the frequency of use for each analyte. Testing was performed by a biomedical scientist working alongside the Advanced Paramedic Practitioner. Results from this trial were not used for patient management.

A Phase 2 trial was carried out to measure the impact on the work of the advanced Paramedic Practitioner. Testing was carried out by the trained, competent Advanced Paramedic Practitioner themselves but results were not used for patient management unless indicating the need for the paramedic to alter their initial decision and manage the patient to the lowest risk.

A Phase 3 trial was carried out by trained competent paramedics to measure the actual impact of the use of Labkit in patient management. Data was collected to determine the frequency of changed decisions, impact on patient pathway and patient admission rates.

Audit Findings

  • Phase 1 trial confirmed the proof of concept. Daily quality controls of the devices indicated their suitability for use in the hostile environment and temperature monitoring indicated the requirement for automatic shutdown of the modem after 30 minutes to prevent overheating of the bag. Testing frequency data facilitated optimisation of the analyte menu. The bag was redesigned following this audit to improve the ergonomics.
  • Phase 2 trial indicated that the new ‘back pack’ design bag worked well. Paramedic resource for Quality Control and External Quality Assessment testing was evaluated. Confidence in the Labkit test results enabled the paramedics to alter decisions on patient management in certain cases to reduce risk. This was particularly evident for dementia patients where recall of signs & symptoms could be unreliable. Requirement for lighting and a wipe clean work surface was indicated.
  • Phase 3 trial of Labkit indicated a positive outcome on patient management with a proven reduction in ambulance conveyance and associated costs. In the majority of cases where Labkit was employed the results were shown to add value to the overall patient and paramedic experience.

Final touches are being applied to the Labkit design and governance processes in readiness to market and support use of the product in a variety of care settings.


  • IBMS Gazette 2015
  • Further publications pending

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