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Why switch to BSPS ?

Why choose us

BSPS enhances patient care

The longer that patients have to wait for treatment, the greater the risk to the patient and the greater the likelihood of a poor outcome. Two of the major factors contributing to delays in patients receiving treatment are limited access to phlebotomy, long/infrequent specimen collection times and a long wait for results

  • With BSPS, the frequency of sample collection times is increased and tailored to your requirements, meaning that tests can be requested soon and you can have quicker access to results.
  • BSPS allows you to provide an accurate diagnosis more quickly and therefore offering significant improvements in patient care
  • Managed as an end to end clinical service, BSPS  the needs of clinicians and helps you to get the diagnosis and treatment right first time
  • BSPS  can also provide, much needed, additional phlebotomy services via fully trained Health Care Assistants (HCAs).
  • The cost of these can be incorporated within the unit test costs, or provided as a separate enhanced service.
  • Our HCAs have the additional clinical skills to support practices’ requirements for patient health and well-being, HCAs can support practices to achieve QOF related outcomes, such as:
    • Blood pressure, pulse rate and rhythm
    • Temperature, height and weight - BMI
    • Visual acuity, venepuncture
    • ECG, glucose tolerance test
    • Peak flow reading, inhaler technique, spirometry

With BSPS  you can see benefits quickly

  • No direct CCG investment required so no capital approval process required
  • Practice conversion can be achieved quickly without any disruption to the service
  • Practical benefits seen at a practice level very quickly

BSPS is already offering the following benefits to more than 250 GP practices, Independent Healthcare Providers and community hospitals

  • Online test requests automatically entered on patient records provide an audit trail from request to result minimising delayed or missing results
  • Same day/next day results available electronically for routine tests, enabling earlier treatment interventions
  • Easy-read printed labels for sample bottles
  • More frequent and flexible sample collection times agreed with the practice to meet GP needs, eg extended hours
  • New GP practices registering with BSPS can be supplied with in-lab sample stability procedures which enable practices to:
    • Provide flexible phlebotomy sessions which do not need to coincide with sample collection times
    • Collect specimens at the time of patient presentation, rather than returning to be bled at another time
    • Have confidence in the electrolyte results for samples bled after the usual sample collection time
    • Prevent unnecessary hospital admissions and out of hours visits to investigate patients with pseudohyperkalaemia
    • Reduce the financial impacts by repeating tests unnecessarily
  • Dedicated service development team to support service improvement and development for your practice
  • Direct access GP helpline for direct access to clinical help and support

BSPS  meets everyone's needs

The major areas of focus for pathology provision are being shaped by:

  • World class commissioning – reducing inequalities in healthcare in the long term
  • Disease management both quality and outcomes
  • Practice base commissioning – commissioning services more locally
  • Darzi – Focussing on quality
  • Carter – Focussing on efficiency

BSPS  is an end to end solution which enables everyone responsible for delivering health care to achieve their goals

BSPS  represents excellent value for money

  • We operate a transparent pricing structure where you pay for what you use.
  • All services are on a cost per test basis on agreed volume. Certain other costs however may lie outside the cost per test structure where needed.
  • We provide information on where spend is and so enable more efficient use of budget
  • Better visibility of what money is being spent on. this will enable practices, CCGs, independent health care providers to
    • Benchmark
    • Report and data analysis on practice usage
    • Minimize redundant testing
    • Highlight where testing is irregular
    • Analyse test trends by practices within practice, and across PBC groups
    • Analyse test trends by practices to CCG
  • BSPS  is happy to discuss commercial terms with any customer, including volume discounts