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Gut hormone profile


Gut hormone profile
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Reference Range:

Test Range (pmol/L)
VIP <30
PP <300
Gastrin <40
Glucagon <50
CART <130
Somatostatin <150
Chromogranin A <60
Chromogranin B <150

Turnaround Time:

3 weeks


Gut hormone profile (gastrin, VIP, pancreatic polypeptide, glucagon, CART, somatostatin, chromagranins A & B)


Patient must be fasting (unless chromogranins only required).
Collect on ICE and deliver immediately to lab.

Vessels and Containers:

2x full EDTA samples

Sample Requirements:

Separate and freeze immediately after collection.

Important Information:

Labile, phone lab first
Please indicate hormones required on request form and supply drug information.

Entry last modified: 9.2.2018

Reference Lab Description:

Clinical Chemistry, Charing Cross Hospital